Initial Consultation

We teach you the basics of adoption and everything you need to know to get started on your adoption journey.

Adoption Consulting

Three Phases of Adoption Consulting:

1) Assess Your Needs – Some couples are ready to contact adoption resources and get the process started. Others are not yet sure adoption is for them. Still others need to work on infertility issues. We will work with you to assess your present needs and determine how we can most benefit you.

2) Create a Plan of Action – We will help you determine an appropriate plan of action that meets your needs and desires. Because of our years of experience, we can save you hours of time on the phone and doing research, so that you can become parents sooner rather than later.

3) Implement the Plan of Action – Once we have established a plan, we will recommend agencies and/or resources designed especially for you. We can tell you what to expect and what questions to ask as you move through the adoption process. We will be available to you to give you guidance and support whenever you need it. With our assistance, we can make any adoption challenge easier. We are just a phone call away.

This phase includes:

  • Pre-screening agencies to see which would work best for your needs and who are willing and able to work with you
  • Providing guidance and advice during the application process
  • Advising how to write an effective “Dear Birthmother letter”
  • Providing guidance during the creation of a profile or book for the agency
  • Providing counsel during the matching process
  • Advocating for your family at the agency
  • Providing emotional support during the waiting period
  • Educating and supporting you before, during and after placement
Social Services

  • Home Study – As a social worker (MSW), Kathie can prepare a home study which is the first big step toward adoption. It is a document that details everything about your family and home environment, from finances to health, to anticipated parenting styles. A family must have an approved home study in order for a child to be placed in their home.
  • Post-Placement Visits – After a child has been placed in your home, most states require post-placement visits to ensure the child is well cared for and is kept in a safe environment. The number of visits depends on the kind of adoption and the state where finalization will take place. If you have a child placed in your home through an agency in Texas, you will need five visits over six months prior to finalizing the adoption.
Professional Photography

  • As a professional photographer, Christi can take photos of you and your family, your home and neighborhood for your profile book that will be shown to prospective birth mothers.
  • We can also take photos of your newly expanded family after placement with your new bundle of joy.
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Adoption Profile Book

  • With decades of experience in the adoption world, we know what makes a great adoption profile book.  You can trust us to help you design a book that best tells birth families what it would be like to be a member of your family.
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