“When we decided adoption was the route we wanted to take to build our family, we had no idea where to start. Kathie was recommended to us by a fellow adoptive parent and choosing to work with her was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we have made for our family. Kathie handled our story and our case with the sensitivity we needed at that time and was able to help us navigate unchartered waters with the utmost patience and respect. She was there from the very start when she began educating us on how to pick an agency and was able to guide us step by step until the finalization of our daughter’s adoption. Kathie was always available to assist with any questions and concerns we had no matter the day or time and she has remained an incredible resource to us. We truly don’t know where we would be without her (nor do we want to)! Kathie is an extremely knowledgeable professional in the adoption world but more importantly she is a kind and respectable woman that I am honored to have as a part of our “village” as we raise our family!”
- Alex & John

“After a seven-year journey to start my family, Kathie’s help brought baby Alexis into my life. As a single mom and expatriate, her help and advocacy were invaluable and it was the best investment I made throughout my journey. What is extraordinary about Kathie is her passion for building families and that was evident to me in how she took time to educate me on transracial adoption, helped me in the matching processes, and provided unconditional support through the “waiting family” period – I am a better parent for the time I’ve spent with Kathie.”
- Gayle

“Kathie has been an invaluable resource to our family through our adoption journey. As a same sex couple, we were so eager to adopt but didn’t quite know where to begin. From educating us about the joys and complexities of adoption to advising us on preparing for a baby, Kathie has provided fantastic services. Her vast knowledge and experience helped us make an informed decision regarding which agency to use and what type of adoption was best for our family. Not only is Kathie extremely knowledgeable and professional, she is incredibly kind. Kathie truly is the adoption guru, and we are so grateful to her for helping us build our family through adoption.”
- Bo & Neil

“I honestly do not know how we would have navigated the adoption process without Kathie. Not only does she know everything you could ever need to know about the logistics and ins and outs of adoption, but she is also there for you when you need loving guidance, support, and empathy. She helped us along every step of the way from choosing an adoption agency to filling out the mounds of paperwork to creating an adoption profile and finally bringing home our perfect baby girl. She is a friend and an advocate, even when we ourselves did not realize we needed someone to advocate for us. Kathie will always be an honorary member of our family because without her we would not be one. She is a truly special person who brings so much to so many people.”
- Aysha & Chet