For parents who are wondering what would be an appropriate first book to read to their child about adoption, The Day We Met You fits the bill. Written from the adoptive parents’ point of view, the book expresses in very simple language what they did to prepare for their child’s homecoming and their joy upon meeting their child for the first time. The simplicity of the language and the soft, pastel illustrations make it a perfect book to read to a child even younger than 2 years of age. What I find most interesting is that the word “adopted” is never mentioned, yet the feelings of joy and love are expressed eloquently. It affirms what every adoptive parent knows instinctively when they first talk to their child about adoption-that the words you use don’t matter much. It is the sentiment conveyed that is most important. Depending on the age of the child, details to your own adoption story can be added to personalize it even more. I highly recommend that you read this book with your child, either in bed snuggled under the covers or cuddling together in a big overstuffed chair.