Adoptive parents, you never forget the day you welcome your child into your family. It is full of incredible joy and celebration, a feeling that John McCutcheon has captured and put into a book and a song. Whether your child was adopted domestically or abroad, as an infant or older, does not matter. The message given is simple: be are so happy we adopted you and are so proud to have you as a member of our family.

The bright and colorful illustrations add to the feeling of festivity as you read the story. If you have made celebrating the adoption day a special tradition in your family, reading this book can be a part of the tradition. What makes it even more special is that you can sing along, too. The song “Happy Adoption Day” is part of the tape “Family Garden.” The book and tape can be purchased separately, but I recommend buying both. You will find yourself and your child singing the catchy tune often — even if it isn’t Adoption Day.