Picking a name for baby is always a challenge, but for adoptive parents it may be even more so. Most birth mothers have no problem with allowing the adoptive parents to pick, but sometimes they want to help in naming the child. If a couple has a fully open adoption and has formed a strong bond with the birth mother, they may share in the naming together. Some couples have used one of their family names for the first name and then used a name from the birth mother’s family for the middle name. In international adoptions, many adoptive parents will choose an American name for the first name, and use a name from the child’s country of origin for the middle name.

In any event, here are the top names of 2022, tabulated by BabyCenter.com and the Social Security Administration:

Top Names for Girls Top Names for Boys
Olivia Noah
Emma Liam
Amelia Oliver
Ava Elijiah
Sophia Mateo
Isabella Lucas
Mia Levi
Luna James
Charlotte Grayson
Harper Ethan